Eur. J. Entomol. 95 (2): 217-237, 1998

Collembola (Entognatha) from East Africa


Materials of Hypogastruridae, Odontellidae, Neanuridae, Onychiuridae and Isotomidae from East Africa were studied. Several new species are described: Acherontiella kowalskiorum sp. n., Furculanurida grandcolasorum sp. n., Stachorutes dallaii sp, n., and Paleonura cassagnaui sp, n. Friesea vrorovi Tshelnokov, 1977 and Tullbergia kilimanjarica (Delamare Deboutteville, 1953) are redescribed. Stachorutes arlei (Thibaud & Massoud, 1980) is a new combination. Identification keys for Friesea Dalla Torre, 1895 with 2 + 2 eyes and Stachorutes Dallai, 1973 are given.

Keywords: Collembola, Hypogastruridae, Odontellidae, Neanuridae, Onychiuridae, Isotomidae, East Africa, identification keys, new species, redescription

Accepted: August 25, 1997; Published: May 20, 1998Show citation

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WEINER, W.M., & NAJT, J. (1998). Collembola (Entognatha) from East Africa. Eur. J. Entomol.95(2), 217-237.
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